Chapter 3—Observations: OceanEdit

This chapter is part of the Fifth Assessment Report of Working Group I.

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153 Executive SummaryEdit

153.1 IntroductionEdit

153.2 Changes in Ocean Temperature and Heat ContentEdit

153.3 Changes in Salinity and Freshwater ContentEdit

153.4 Changes in Ocean Surface FluxesEdit

153.5 Changes in Water-Mass Properties Edit

153.6 Changes in Ocean Circulation Edit

153.7 Sea Level Change Edit

153.8 Ocean Biogeochemical Changes, Including Anthropogenic Ocean AcidificationEdit

FAQ 153.1 Is the Ocean Warming?
FAQ 153.2 Is There Evidence for Changes in the Earth’s Water Cycle?
FAQ 153.3 How Does Anthropogenic Ocean Acidification Relate to Climate Change?

153.9 SynthesisEdit

153 ReferencesEdit

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