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This chapter is part of the Fifth Assessment Report of Working Group I.

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  • Robert Adler (USA)
  • Richard Allan (UK)
  • Robert Allan (UK)
  • Donald Blake (USA)
  • Owen Cooper (USA)
  • Aiguo Dai (USA)
  • Robert Davis (USA)
  • Sean Davis (USA)
  • Markus Donat (Australia)
  • Vitali Fioletov (Canada)
  • Erich Fischer (Switzerland)
  • Leopold Haimberger (Austria)
  • Ben Ho (USA)
  • John Kennedy (UK)
  • Elizabeth Kent (UK)
  • Stefan Kinne (Germany)
  • James Kossin (USA)
  • Norman Loeb (USA)
  • Carl Mears (USA)
  • Christopher Merchant (UK)
  • Steve Montzka (USA)
  • Colin Morice (UK)
  • Cathrine Lund Myhre (Norway)
  • Joel Norris (USA)
  • David Parker (UK)
  • Bill Randel (USA)
  • Andreas Richter (Germany)
  • Matthew Rigby (UK)
  • Ben Santer (USA)
  • Dian Seidel (USA)
  • Tom Smith (USA)
  • David Stephenson (UK)
  • Ryan Teuling (Netherlands)
  • Junhong Wang (USA)
  • Xiaolan Wang (Canada)
  • Ray Weiss (USA)
  • Kate Willett (UK)
  • Simon Wood (UK)

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152 Executive summaryEdit

152.1 IntroductionEdit

152.2 Changes in Atmospheric CompositionEdit

152.3 Changes in Radiation BudgetsEdit

152.4 Changes in TemperatureEdit

152.5 Changes in Hydrological CycleEdit

152.6 Changes in Extreme EventsEdit

152.7 Changes in Atmospheric Circulation and Patterns of VariabilityEdit

Box 152.1: Uncertainty in Observational Records

Box 152.2: Quantifying Changes in the Mean: Trend Models and Estimation

Box 152.3: Global Atmospheric Reanalyses

Box 152.4: Extremes Indices

Box 152.5: Patterns and Indices of Climate Variability

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 152.1 How Do We Know the World Has Warmed?

FAQ 152.2 Have There Been Any Changes in Climate Extremes?

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