Chapter 1 - IntroductionEdit

This chapter is part of the Fifth Assessment Report of Working Group I.

Original textEdit

as published

CLA (Coordinating Lead Authors)Edit

LA (Lead Authors)Edit

Contributing Authors (Click "Expand" to see list)Edit

  • Achim Brauer (Germany)
  • Lydia Gates (Germany)
  • Emily Janssen (USA)
  • Frank Kaspar (Germany)
  • Janina Körper (Germany)
  • Valérie Masson-Delmotte (France)
  • Malte Meinshausen (Australia/Germany)
  • Matthew Menne (USA)
  • Carolin Richter (Switzerland)
  • Michael Schulz (Germany)
  • Uwe Schulzweida (Germany)
  • Bjorn Stevens (Germany/USA)
  • Rowan Sutton (UK)
  • Kevin Trenberth (USA)
  • Murat Türkeş (Turkey)
  • Daniel S. Ward (USA)

Review EditorsEdit

  • Yihui Ding (China)
  • Linda Mearns (USA)
  • Peter Wadhams (UK)


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